Welcome. I'm glad to see you're considering a commission from me!


I offer a variety of digital art commissions, including pet portraits, character art, and personalized website icons. Each unique commission is completed with careful attention to detail and consistent communication with the client!

Below is my Terms of Service [important - read it!] and a list of base prices for all my commissions. If something you wan't isn't on this list, feel free to contact me on any of my social media platforms to inquire further.


Section 1: Commission process

1. Request your commission by contacting me on any of my social media platforms. We will discuss price and agree upon it at this time. Provide any and all references, descriptions, color swatches/codes, and other pertinent information.

2. Payment must be made BEFORE the commission is started.

3. I will show you your commission after each stage [these stages may differ depending on the commission ordered but may include - sketch, lining, coloring, shading ]. At each point, you have the right to make changes within reason (limit is 5 separate changes). However after changes have been finalized and I have progressed to the next stage, you may not make any more change requests.

4. In-progress images will be fully watermarked.

5. Refunds work as follows: Refund is a percentage of the original commission amount and will decrease with completion of the image. UNLESS I HAVE NOT STARTED YOUR COMMISSION, I WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND. 

Refund percentage by stage: 
Sketch - 75% refunded
Lining/Coloring - 30-50% refunded depending on how far I've gotten
Shading/Detailing - 0% refunded. This is the ending stage and at this point asking for a refund is not acceptable.

6. Turnaround time, or the time the client will receive their product, is 2 weeks from the original order date unless specified at the time of the commission.

7. Art will be delivered as a HQ png, jpeg, or PSD document to the client in the manner we agree to upon discussion. This can include: e-mail, via facebook chat, via deviantART upload.

8. The style that I will draw in is my own and only my own - expect that the product will be as such. I will not draw, for pay, in styles that belong to others such as 'Disney', or typical 'Anime'.

Section 2: My Rights, as the Artist

1. None of my art may be traced, copied, or recreated in any shape or form.

2. I have the right to refuse commissioners' requests for any reason, be it time, ethical concern, or otherwise.

3. I have the right to take credit for the artwork itself. I will never claim your ideas, pets, or characters are mine, but the art itself MUST be credited to me at all times.

4. If the client is disrespectful toward me, I have the right to refuse service.

5. I have the right to use completed commissions to advertise my services and to bolster my artistic portfolio. I will not break my own ToS doing so. If the client wants a private commission, see Section 3-5.

Section 3: Your Rights, as the Client

1. The client has a right to their characters, ideas, and concepts.

2. The client has the right to request refund so long as it follows the procedures highlighted in section 1-5

3. The client has the right to use their commission for any recreational purpose, however credit MUST be given to me [Jessica Gregory/ChocolateQuill].

4. The client may not use products acquired from ChocolateQuill for commercial purposes unless specified. See subsection below regarding re-selling.

5. The client has the right to request their commission be private, in which I will not use the art in my portfolio.

Section 4: Using My Characters

This section will cover the use of my characters in artwork done by other people.

1. My characters are defined as any names, designs, descriptions and backstories entirely by me. My ownership of the character is always noted on the piece they are featured in, in the title, on the image, or in the description.

2. You MAY make fan-art, especially of Indigo!

3. You may NOT copy the designs, stories, or concepts from any of my characters, no exceptions.

4.  You may NOT use ANY of the art, references, or written work I have created for my characters You may not re-upload them anywhere, trace them, distribute them, sell them, or recreate them in any way shape or form.

5. If something you've drawn including my character makes me uncomfortable, I have the right to ask you to remove it. Even if it's a gift.